Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Commercial Break No. 4

My little boy's favorite expressions when he feels pissed, frustrated, resentful, angry, irritated or just plain buggered.

Last year: Aw, pickles! (from Higglytown Heroes on Playhouse Disney Channel)
A few months ago: Aw, Man! (from Swiper on Dora the Explorer)
Now: Tricks in copper bottom! (NOW WHERE DID THAT COME FROM????????)

Monday, May 26, 2008

THE Miele Guide

This is Asia's answer to the Michelin (sort-of, considering ordinary people get to vote, and the the criteria isn't as stringent). And I say, it's about time! Asian cuisine is steadily becoming accepted and even "fashionable" in the West. Europe is not a place everyone can travel to, and even if they could, Michelin-starred restaurants are not exactly cheap, so it excites me that an Asian list is coming out...

For those based in the Philippines, do help put 3 local, outstanding restaurants on the world food map. Just go to www.mieleguide.com to vote! Hubby and I have voted for our favorite restos in the Phillipines, Hong Kong, Thailand, Macau and Indonesia. I'm definitely getting a copy- biased reviews or not, I'm a sucker for any literature that's food-related.