Monday, January 05, 2009

The Happiness Scale: Or 22 things I ate, received, read, brought back to HK, cooked, and plan to try

1. In Yo: oysters 2 ways, steak, eel (happy, happy)
2. Alex III: boneless chicken and pork bbq with java rice (happy)
3. Terry's Selection: adobo marinated fried tawilis, paella, chocolate marquis, churros (happy)
4. Pinakurat selection of Vinegars: sweet vinegar and tokwa't baboy sauce (will try soon)
5. Reyes BBQ trio of sauces: peanut sauce, BBQ marinade, pica-pica dip (will try soon)
6. Longganisa galore (happy, happy, happy)
7. Kulinarya, the book (haven't read yet)
8. Food Tour by Claude Tayag (happy, happy, happy)
9. Crukitchen tablea balls from Batangas (happy, happy)
10. Claude Tayag's taba ng talangka (will try soon)
11. Montano's Spanish Sardines (happy, happy)
12. Callos and chicken menudo of mom-in law, rellenong manok of a tita, velocity [a bagoong with gata dipping sauce for boiled native vegetables], various sumans: (happy, happy, happy, happy)
13. San Lo's famous emapanadas: carne norte, chicken pastel, jamon y queso (happy, happy)
14. Kitchen's Best peanut butter bar (happy)
15. Ferino's Bibingka: leftover from the night before, cold but still fluffy (happy, happy)
16. the sweetest suha (happy, happy, happy)
17. Lunch at Aling Tonya's: crab claws in sweet-chili sauce, grilled tanguige, maya-maya head sinigang, prawn tempura, halabos shrimp, steamed super meaty lobster, mounds of white rice (happy, happy, happy, happy)
18. Cafe Via Mare: sotong goreng, bibingka, pancit luglug, boneless bangus sinigang (happy, happy)
19. Fresh kesong puti from Bulacan with freshly baked pandesal and jam (happy, happy, happy)
20. Ma chang with pork and pork fat eaten with lots of catsup: simple, just the way I like it (happy, happy, happy)
21. What I cooked: Home made stuffed turkey with a whole baked cinnamon-scented and bacon-topped pumpkin, salad, mashed potatoes, mushroom risotto with some dried mushrooms from Italy, grilled lamb chops and prawns (happy, happy, happy)
22. Cyma: cheese-stuffed zucchini flowers, chicken gyro (happy, happy, happy)

Pictures and details to follow.