Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Too many herbs=Grilled porkchops

Inspired (again!) by Marketman's posts on the thin porkchops he had in Greece, and wanting to deal with the surfeit of fresh herbs in my fridge (I tried using the word "ref" here in HK, but no one understood) begging to be used, I brought out my weapon of choice, my trusty mallet, and pounded away.

Here are pictures of the chops rubbed with dried oregano, fresh thyme and rosemary, drizzled with olive oil and lemon juice, with a touch of salt and pepper. I don't have an outdoor grill and had to make do with my grill pan, so I sorely missed the char marks and burnt, crisp sides, but it tasted good! So good I forgot to take pictures of the finished product.

Favorite Supermarket No More

I went back to Jusco in Taikoo Shing recently, and viewing the supermarket from the eyes of a grumpy hubby, I realized it was too crowded, and the Chinese and Japanese language labels were more of a hassle than an inspiration to re-learn Mandarin. I still love the food stalls, and bought 3 (yes, 3!) Japanese pancakes- one with matcha and adzuki, one with banana chocolate and another with strawberry adzuki.

It's not my number one favorite supermarket anymore. I guess after shopping in cramped stores with a limited selection, you are awed by such cavernous (by HK standards) space, bright, bright lights, and scores of Japanese goodies waiting to be devoured! I realize now that all supermarkets in HK have their limitations, so I'll just go to each one for the good stuff they have.

Jusco or Apita in Taikoo Shing: anything Japanese

Great in Pacific Place: Polaine bread, balsamic vinegar in barrels, beautiful but limited selection of cookware and silicone products, sauces from all over the world

City'Super in IFC, Harbour City: Little Mermaid Bakery for their tantalizing smells wafting throughout the store, a selection of Japanese goods, their cheese and deli counter, chocolate products

Oliver's in Prince's Building: their veal bratwurst from the deli

Three Sixty at the Landmark: reasonably priced deli stuff and fruits

Wet market: seafood, meat, fruits, and vegetables!