Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Favorite Supermarket No More

I went back to Jusco in Taikoo Shing recently, and viewing the supermarket from the eyes of a grumpy hubby, I realized it was too crowded, and the Chinese and Japanese language labels were more of a hassle than an inspiration to re-learn Mandarin. I still love the food stalls, and bought 3 (yes, 3!) Japanese pancakes- one with matcha and adzuki, one with banana chocolate and another with strawberry adzuki.

It's not my number one favorite supermarket anymore. I guess after shopping in cramped stores with a limited selection, you are awed by such cavernous (by HK standards) space, bright, bright lights, and scores of Japanese goodies waiting to be devoured! I realize now that all supermarkets in HK have their limitations, so I'll just go to each one for the good stuff they have.

Jusco or Apita in Taikoo Shing: anything Japanese

Great in Pacific Place: Polaine bread, balsamic vinegar in barrels, beautiful but limited selection of cookware and silicone products, sauces from all over the world

City'Super in IFC, Harbour City: Little Mermaid Bakery for their tantalizing smells wafting throughout the store, a selection of Japanese goods, their cheese and deli counter, chocolate products

Oliver's in Prince's Building: their veal bratwurst from the deli

Three Sixty at the Landmark: reasonably priced deli stuff and fruits

Wet market: seafood, meat, fruits, and vegetables!

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