Thursday, March 16, 2006

Home Cooking

grocery shopping at Great is my one true indulgence, and today i bought 2 rib-eye steaks, foie-gras, baby asparagus, oyster mushroom, cream, cut melons, paper-thin san daniele ham (so expensive!), tomatoes and an apple. for dinner i served: pan-fried foie-gras on a bed of poached apples and balsamico with toasted whole wheat bread, followed by broiled rib-eye (marinated in red wine, rosemary and crushed black pepper) with creamed mushrooms, grilled tomatoes, blanched asparagus and a red wine shallot sauce. tomorrow for a snack i'll eat the san daniele with the melons. i realized both meals, for two, costs a mere HKD375! had i been lazy and decided to go to SOHO, we would've spent more than double. so my indulgent Great shopping turned out to be tipid (budget-friendly), after all. restos make so much money, no? but then, we had dinner in a brightly-lit dining area with Lion King on the TV and the dining table resembling a home office. so sometimes ambience (with matching price tag) does count.


Pam said...

Can I eat at your table everyday? Pretty please? But then again, I'll probably gain weight because I just can't get enough of your cooking. :)

deepa said...

wow, girl....sounds like food heaven at your place..i wish i could do the same...this reads like a great cookbook!!!

kapa said...

yummy, i've tasted foie-gras for the first time last week, and i love it. Too bad that it's such a tiny piece...i really need to go to HK to taste your foie-gras. I'm sure it's delish!