Thursday, September 21, 2006

I'm a bad, bad, blogger

No time to blog, but with all these ideas in my head I have to blog about blogging so I'll remember... did that make sense?

More blogs....

5. Pam's food shots of the numerous recipes created by smart and talented Pinay students
6. Fat Angelos - A late dinner for the glutton in me. Salmon fettucine, Chicken parmesan, Seafood rissoto, Flourless chocolate cake, Chocolate tiramisu anyone?
7. A wish - to work with a premiere Chinese chef and learn the secrets of Chinese regional cooking which, to my mind, is the most varied, interesting cuisine in the world
8. More wishes - to live in Italy and France and unearth the secrets of their home cooking; to taste all the freshly-caught delicacies at Tokyo's fish markets; to retire in the Mediterranean, or at least have an expert Mediterranean (and yes, Chinese!) chef work for me:)
9. A dream - to live, breathe and eat dark, bittersweet chocolate, to absorb all knowledge of the food-of-the-gods, to open up a dark chocolate dessert bar in Manila.

1 comment:

amz said...

when you've got those top chefs working for you, make sure you invite me to dinner, ok?

and if you open that dessert bar, i'll definitely make it a stop when i go home for a visit:)