Saturday, September 15, 2007

Having Friends Over

My friends and acquaintances know I love hosting dinner parties, even if our flat is tiny and our dining seats only 6. Tonight I invited 4 friends and we are eating:

Feta and Basil Cheese Triangles with 2 kinds of salsa: chipotle tomato and honey mango
Pinoy Puttanesca using bottled gourmet tuyo from Manila
Grilled Marinated Pork Belly
Prawns in Calamansi-Crabfat Sauce
Steamed White Rice
Fried Sticky Rice Logs with Caramelized Bananas and Muscovado Creme
Lemongrass Iced Tea


midicrux said...

I've recovered the habit of hosting meals as well, the way we used to when we were still living in QC.

I get a better sense of home that way.

Expect an dinner invite from me soon; I hope the trip won't be too much.


Pamela said...

where's my invite? :)

How i wish you guys will move to our building. Then I can at least get the left overs from your fabulous dinners. :)

Good food and good friends... best combination!

ragamuffin girl said...

Pam, I know what got you drooling, the aligue hehe.

amz said...

siguro now that i'm done, i can get back to hosting people over for dinner again. it's just nice to get reacquainted with my kitchen to begin with! hahaha

sarap naman your menu! pahingi!