Wednesday, April 19, 2006

A Fine, Fattening, Filling Dinner

Last Saturday our sideboard was converted into heart attack central, with my tiny yellow kichen cheerily churning out dish after dish of cholesterol-laden, crisp fried goodies. We had guests over for dinner, and one of them, hubby's officemate from way back and a current client, requested the best of Lokal dishes. Since he hosted a muy delicioso dinner for us a few weeks ago at his place, how could I refuse?

Normally I would serve the top three Lokal bestsellers on different occasions, simply because the ingredients involved and the manner of cooking can put anybody's healthy heart and low blood pressure to the test. Needless to say, we were all dizzy that night from the fat overload and sensory overkill, but we were replete, and happy.

Appetizer (the only concession to health on that night of gluttony and tastebud debauchery):

Mixed Salad Greens, Roasted Marinated Bell Peppers, Eggplant and Butternut Squash, Herb and Oil Drizzled Honey Tomatoes and Feta Cheese with Green Olives, Roasted Bell Pepper and Balsamic Vinaigrette


Crispy Tadyang ng Baka with soy-vinegar dip (Melt-in-your-mouth tender beef ribs, simmered for hours, drained well, chilled overnight, fried till tostado)
Chicken Fingers with honey-mustard dip (Strips of chicken breast marinated overnight, dredged in flour, egg and coated in crushed cornflakes)
Aligue Pasta (Garlic and butter sauteed crab fat paste garnished with chopped green onions and served with calamansi)

Green Garlic Parsley Rice

Marble Cheesecake from La Rose Noire

All these washed down with a light white wine and a fizzy orange-wine cocktail drink.

I can still feel the effects of that night in my jiggling belly and rapid heartbeat.


amz said...

I would've requested for the chicken sisig, Dawn! ahahahah...nakakainis naman blog mo...basta babasahin ko i end up hungry, craving, and not to mention freaking green with envy! hahahahaha. I can't wait till you and Erwin get to cook for me again:) hahahaha

Bandit said...

You know what, I am SERIOUSLY thinking that I'll start ordering food from you. I'm sure as the months go by I'll start having cravings and reading your blog is not going to help. So hey, when I get back I'll start ordering from you ha. ok lang?

ragamuffin girl said...

Hey Amz! I forgot about the chicken sisig! My goodness, gotta serve that next time! I miss it too!

Tehls, just come here for lunch anytime you want. :)