Thursday, April 06, 2006

What's in my kitchen?

- thin slices of gouda cheese from Great given by houseguests before they left (thank you!)
- a wedge of brie with herbs given by the same guests
- a bottle of Crescendo unfiltered extra virgin olive oil from Tuscany and a bottle of basil olive oil (they sell these at Great, near the wine section), also given by said houseguests
- 150 grams of beef pastrami from Oliver's
- 100 grams of smoked turkey breast from Oliver's
- 2 pcs. Italian sausage from Viva Italia
- chicken breasts (skinless, boneless)
- sundried tomatoes
- flaked tuyo (leftover from a breakfast of tuyo, garlic rice and egg)
- roast chicken bones
- 3 pcs. veal sausage from Oliver's
- white wine
- Philippine tuna from Oliver's
- couscous
- capsicum (red, yellow, green)
- talbos ng kamote (sweet potato tops; the tender leaves)
- 5-grain loaf
- baby spinach salad mix
- iceberg lettuce
- chocolate liqueur (thank's Tehlin!)


- deli sandwiches using the loaf, gouda, pastrami and turkey, iceberg, cucumber and tomatoes. let's not forget to spread some butter and mustard (i have wholegrain and dijon)
- my friend chef erwin's recipe (gotta buy the tomatoes, papardelle and mushrooms)
- talbos ng kamote salad with tomatos, onions, vinegar (maybe topped with tuna and olives for a more filling fusion meal)
- pan-fried veal sausage with caramelized onions and copious amounts of Knorr seasoning
- seared tuna (marinated in lemon, butter, oregano, salt and pepper) with a simple spinach-herb cheese salad
- couscous stuffed capsicum
- Italian sausage pasta (with drops of basil oil)
- Tuyo and sundried tomato pasta
- the loaf , cut into cubes, dipped in a tiny amount of Tuscan olive oil (it's so expensive i plan to save some for the next generation) and maybe some good-quality balsamic vinegar
- a dessert choc-full of chocolate and everything rich and decadent that will make good use of the liqueur

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Bandit said...

sheesh woman! you're teasing us! you better invite us over for lunch again very soon! I'm free next week!