Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Caprice and the loser blog

Yahoo! Got to eat at the premier French resto of the Four Seasons HK - Caprice, recently.

Ordered high-falutin' dishes. Will do the links once I figure out how to work Blogger on Mac.

Like langoustine (Dublin Bay prawns or small lobsters) ravioli with sweetbreads.
Lobster carpaccio with yuzu (a Japanese citrus fruit) foam and caviar served with crispbread. Decadent.
Warm foie gras with something something... can't remember dang it!
Chicken consomme with foie gras dumpling. Rich-tasting soup of a chicken.

The chef also gave, before the appetizers and soup came, tiny servings of appetite-inducing foamy and silky stuff. Can't remember too! Was deep in conversation the entire time and I didn't bring my cam or a ballpen or my notepad. So there. What a loser blog.

Ordered a glass of red wine. Was asked by sommelier to taste it for approval. Swirled the stuff, sniffed, inhaled, sipped, twirled on tongue then swallowed. Heck, I'm not a wine connosieur but it felt good to practice whet I learned in beverage management class. although i might have overdone it a bit. Good thing he wasn't snooty. I gotta start taking a wine appreciation class.

all of us ordered the wagyu. I should've had the scallop and rosemary appetizer, then the pigeon with Jerusalem artichokes and endive. anyhow, the beef was seared perfectly on all sides, leaving a clean cube of pinkish meat in the middle. I like my steak and I like them marbly and soft, but wagyu is waaaaay too fatty-tasting for me. after several bites I was hankering for seafood or fowl. next time I'll have myself a rib-eye or prime rib. No matter, the men liked their meat. And I'm probably the only steak eater in the world who complains of wagyu.

Dessert was nothing to go into raptures about. Even the plating was average. Not a very inspiring dinner, except for the appetizers which were different, sinful and exceptionally sensual on the taste buds. As always, the company was the highlight of the evening.

Where to for my next gourmet dinner?

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