Wednesday, January 24, 2007

While in Manila, and the aftermath


- to have tried Dencio's Bangus Sisig. it was spicy, the fish had crisp edges, and although a bit too oily the seasoning was just right. i've tried it here in HK using bangus belly, with chopped garlic, onions, long finger chilies, Knorr seasoning, a dash of chipotle pepper sauce, lots of calamansi juice, some salt and pepper and olive oil. served it on a hot plate too for that "Dencio's" feel.

- that i got to bring home Blue kitchen's Crab Fat Paste and Gourmet Tuyo and Pampanga's Best fatless tocino.

- about my Antonio Pueo Tablea tsokolate into which i dunk my buttered hot bread roll. comfort food!

- that Pam remembered my obsession with LZM bangus and brought back lots from Manila to share with me.

- because i got to spend time with my family and hubby's family. we ate together at CYMA Greek Cafe in Shangri-La Mall and everything we ordered was delicious, although i was down with a stomach bug so i just ate a forkful of everything.

- that we travelled to Tagaytay to eat at Sonya's Garden. it's a quaint and refreshing place with relaxing cabanas scattered throughout, and i liked their salad dressing, olive tapenade, marinated anchovies, KESONG PUTI!, pomodoro sauce, crispy turon, soothing and fragrant tarragon tea, BUT (check out my sad post).

- with our anniversary dinner at Chateau 1771. nothing fancy, just good cooking, a tomato-cheese fondue, a fantastically fresh and creamy scallop appetizer, the best chorizo pasta i've ever had, soft music, candlelight and conversation with my hubby of 5 years.

- that my BORA trip with my best high school buddies sans one finally came true!!!!! ecstatic is the word. still on a high, in fact. the food isn't anything to blog about, (see sad post). the fresh buko i had while snorkeling though, that was the most fun i had eating and drinking in the Philippines! the light-colored, crispy dilis from Roxas City and fresh kakanins sold near the airport in Kalibo were memorable as well.

- to have eaten bangus belly adobo; tinapa noodles using pink, yellow and green noodles; Velocity (bagoong alamang with coconut milk and chili) with boiled eggplant, sigarillas, sitaw and okra; a famously tasty chicken relleno with the "can't-get-enough-of-it" giblet gravy; chicken igado and an equally famous and in-demand callos; yummy Caloy's lechon with the great-tasting crackly skin; tender baked ribs; sweetish longganisa from an old lady in Kamuning Market which i ate with fried egg and garlic rice; chicken ham; a bringhe/paella valenciana type of savoury dish with a crusted "tutong" top and sticky, "suman-like" consistency; one of the best pork bbq's ever grilled; a satisfying gambas pasta and four-cheese pizza; buko pie filled with thick slices of buko; JT's Manukan (a bit dry because we took it home and zapped it but the intrinsic flavor was all there); Cunanan's queso de bola-topped fluffy ensaymada.

- for myself and my 6 new cookbooks and 5 back issues of FOOD Magazine.


- for Bora's food. the famous Jonas Shakes was cold and fruity and wickedly large, but not earthshakingly good. the choriburger didn't fulfill my expectations either. i liked Bite Club's burgers though. funny how i stay near Katipunan but only got to taste these in Bora. too bad i didn't get to try Gastof's, Banza, True Food, Travesia, Real coffee (where they have to-die-for calamansi muffins).

- that i didn't get to eat my mom's Hot and Sour Soup, Fresh Chinese Lumpia and authentic lomi, as well as Fook Yuen's Pata Tim, Chili Crabs and Oyster Omelet, Nana Meng's tsokolate, Farah Ylagan's foie gras specialties, Ian Carandang's ice cream, MienSan's minced meat and mushroom noodle, and a host of other stuff i wanted to try from the food blogs dessertcomesfirst and Market Manila.

- that i almost, but did not get to, meet Lori of dessertcomesfirst. maybe next time.

- that i didn't get to eat at Antonios, Parallel 45, Kai, Gourdo's, Fleuer De Lys, the restos at Serendra and the Fort, Melo's, Galileo, Amici, Vieux Chalet in Antipolo which holds fond memories for hubby and me, and the Greek taverna on the way to Tagaytay.

- because we missed out on home accesories from Tiendesitas and looking around the artsy shops and art galleries at Marikina Shoe Expo in Cubao (say that again?). for those who haven't been, yes, it is in Cubao.

- because i got irritable bowel symdrome that lasted Dec. 22-31, so i missed out on pigging out!

- for Sonya's Garden because they did not maintain their quality and cleanliness (except for the private huts). the washrooms were dark, stank and had no running water, the food was served cold --they should place them on warmers especially on cool, breezy -ber months, the pretty embroidered tablecloths and tissue box covers were stained and the seatcovers encrusted with dirt, and the servers seemed so harassed. palatable though the food was, and countrified the setting-- the food temperature and lack of order and cleanliness will turn out to be their downfall so hopefully Sonya the owner does something about it.

Looking forward to:

- more LZM bangus from Pam

- my panini press, thanks to Lori's post

- a yakiniku grill

- frozen buko pie

- FOOD Magazines

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Madel said...

I suggest that you buy quality bottled water when travelling in the Philippines to avoid traveller's diarrhea or irritable bowel syndrome. Not all drinking water here is safe.

I had stayed here in the Philippines all my life didnt even have the opportunity to eat those in the foodblogs.

Since I am a doctor, I had already checked in the different 5 star hotels here in Manila for free. I had also tried some of the best restaurants courtesy of the drug companies.