Sunday, November 19, 2006

Chilly nights call for hotpot

I can't seem to drag anyone to try HK's hotpot hotspots with me, so one chilly night last December I just made some for myslef, hubby and his officemate.

colorful things one throws in the pot of boiling broth: thinly-sliced beef, squid rings, peeled shrimp, crabsticks, shrimp sticks which look more like logs, squid balls

healthy things one adds to the pot: fish and tofu squares, kale or choi sum, fresh black mushroom

clockwise from top left: fried shallots, brown sugar, soy sauce,, chili sauce for those who who wanted to mix and match flavors.

I provided rice and hubby and his friend made Mongolian rice and had the soup on the side. For the clear and concentrated broth I used pork and chicken bones boiled separately for hours and removed of all scum.

I still want to eat out though. Pick out mutton, beef, chicken, a variety of "balls", vegetables and dipping sauces without having to prepare any of them. Winter days are lazy days for this cook.

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