Monday, February 04, 2008

Sai Kung

One Saturday we were craving for fresh air and even fresher seafood so we hied off to Sai Kung with another Pinoy family. We rode the MTR to Choi Hung, then took the minibus to Sai Kung. The entire trip takes between 40-50 minutes from Central, and kind of makes me wish we had a car, or a yacht! :)

We ate at a famous restaurant gilded with gold all over and with huge display tanks in front. There's even a humongous fish swimming in an upright aquarium, and old folks say this fish can never be killed or eaten because some spirit resides within- that's why it's so old and big. It was too scary looking anyway, and would probably weigh a ton and cost the earth, so no thanks, I'd rather eat live garoupa.

After a satisfying lunch of scallops with vermicelli, poached shrimp, crispy fish, spicy squid with green pepper, salt and pepper mantis shrimp or "squillamantis", fried rice and sauteed pea shoots (normally I would insist on lobster and razor clams but we were only 6, after all) we walked around the town and ended up at a tiny coffee shop with 2 cute dogs manning the doors. The coffee smelled great and was a perfect ending to a cool, breezy day.

Live fish, geoduck clams, lobsters, razor clams, horseshoe crabs, shrimp, scallops and other marine life clamoring for space and attention in their tanks.

We had scallops served in their shell with vermicelli and tons of garlic.

No skyscrapers from where we stood: just boats, the sea, the breeze and hiking trails galore.

Hubby loves uni but kind of balked when he saw how it was harvested.

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