Sunday, June 22, 2008

Kitchenware Sale=Naughty Thoughts

Yesterday hubby and I, along with a male friend, went to the most disappointing kitchenware clearance sale ever!!!!!!

It was held in a tiny hotel function room, and most of the wares were either damaged, detached or downright ugly.

I went to a Le Creuset Clearance Sale and it was heaven compared to this one, despite the 1 1/2 hours I had to endure standing in line.

Maybe it was our fault. We arrived at 3pm, 2 hours to closing time. Maybe bargain hunters scrambled for pots and pans in the morning and left the unwanted items sitting forlornly on the tables, looking old, stale and pathetic.

We saw a silicone spatula, it's head detached from its handle. The head was selling for HKD 2. Hmmm, I wonder if it's truly a bargain to buy it considering you'll have to burn your hands since it didn't have a handle. Or maybe the handle was lying somewhere far away, ashamed to be seen in the company of castaways and mutant utensils.

Out of boredom, and sheer naughtiness, we decided to scrutinize some of the stuff on sale and guess what they were. My friend and I being kitchen buffs, it was easy to rattle off names like nutcracker, potato masher, melon baller etc.. Poor hubby had no idea what they were. We decided to take fun to the next level and describe their uses.

Anyone interested in something that will "mash your potato", "scoop your balls", "hold your eggs", "separate your eggs", or, horror of horrors, "crack your nuts"?


caryn said...

hahaha! my hubby likes to invent uses for stuff we find in the kitchenware dept ;-) really inventive guesses too.

ragamuffin girl said...

Haha there are so many weird looking implements out there I can just imagine what men must be thinking about their actual (and possible) uses. :)