Friday, May 22, 2009


Hubby and friends say I spend a lot on groceries, eating out and food in general. Maybe I do, but I'm still a pretty thrifty shopper. I go to the wet markets and local groceries more often than the gourmet shops, and I never, ever buy basic necessities in places that sell foie gras or have a cheese and deli meat counter.

I do salivate over the barrels of olive oil and artisanal vinegars on display, and drool over bottles of exotic herbs and spices. I'm like a kid in a toy store when in the kitchen gadgets section, and my eyes sparkle when I see rows of chocolate bars. These products beckon, and tempt, and beguile, but I do have a household budget to consider.

So when I am gifted with amazing food products, I am speechless with delight.

Some of the best gifts ever (and they're not necessarily expensive):

1. 2 bottles of truffle olive oil from houseguests years ago
2. vials of vanilla pod and salt with herbs from France
3. a free box of exotic salts (4 kinds) from City Super during my b-day month
4. homemade bangus relleno from a friend's Tita
5. bangus from LVM in Cavite which a friend's mom buys for us
6. a bottle of hazelnut oil from a friend leaving for Australia
7. a huge jar of manuka honey from New Zealand
8. a bottle of green curry paste and spicy bagoong from Thailand
9. Laduree macarons from France


Bandit said...

aaaawwww, really? you liked the oil that much? Can't wait to give you more things I take for granted here! What a change in shopping habits I tell you. Buying gourmet cheese is nothing and buying a whole leg of lamb is common. Organic chicken is the norm too! So different from grocery days in HK.

goodfor2 said...

truffle oil.... love it...